2006.04.20 - A brief comment on software piracy - please don't do it!

A lot of time went into the development of this software. We have a download & try-first policy and also a very generous license transfer policy. If you like the software - please purchase it! If it's out of your budget, that's no cause for pirating the software.

Software piracy is dishonest and no different than stealing. Would you like others stealing from you?

2006.01.01 - We'd like to thank our loyal users for continued success of Navgps software.

Our biggest goal for this year is to find an anternate database source for non-USA users. In the meantime, the DAFIF database will be available until 2006.10.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a safe 2006.

2005.10.29 - Launch of sister-site - This site allows you to maintain your logbook online and print out formatted Adobe Acrobat pages.

Check it out for free and if you like it and decide to subscribe...enter promotion code "navgps" for a 20% discount!

Note: promotion code expires 2005.12.31.

2004.01.06 - Use Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS)? Use Navgps? Now you can put the two together - connect a PC running FS to a pda running Navgps. Navgps will receive flight data from FS and can use it just like as you would during an actual flight.

You'll need to connect your pda to your PC via a serial cable. You might have to get something called a null-modem and/or gender changer module also. Basically it's the same cable to connect to a gps receiver, except you're connecting to a PC.

Then download this and save the contents of the file in FS's Modules sub-folder. The zip file contains a file named gpsout.ini and it assumes that you want to connect the pda to the PC's serial port #1 and at a speed of 57600.

Now start FS and also Navgps. In Navgps disable auto-search and set the port to COM1 and speed to 57600...enjoy!

If it does not work...chances are it's the cable. iPAQ users need a cable similar to this - cable or cable+cradle.

07/11/2003 - Starting yesterday, WAAS has been enabled by the FAA. If you're a pilot in the US and have a WAAS capable gps-receiver - that means that your lateral and vertical positions will be accurate within 12 ft - 3 meters!

07/01/2003 - Announcing the winners of the Navgps 2003 Photo Contest. Each one gets an annual av-database subscription!

Note: click on the images for hi-rez.

First, we have James Y. of New Jersey, USA. He flies a Cessna Skymaster 1965 - it's a twin-engine with the props in a tandem configuration (sometimes also known as push-pull).

You can see by the amount of gadgets he flies with - he firmly believes in full situational awareness. He tells me he usually doesn't use all at the same time - but in his arsenal he's got a Garmin 430, Garmin 250, Garmin 195, PocketPC running Navgps Pro/PCFS and a Tablet-PC running Navgps Pro.
Next we have Kent Y. of California, USA. He and his friend Tom H. use Navgps Pro in this Cirrus VK30 kit-built by Tom. The airplane took nine years to complete and is one of only five in existance. Gross weight of 3800 lbs, IO550 engine, cruise speed of 190 kts and range 7+ hrs - sweet!

Note the dual-installation of Navgps Pro!!!

And last we have Fredrik H. of Stockholm, Sweden. He flies an Euro-cub ultralight. But navigation-wise he's no lightweight - he's got Navgps Pro!

04/23/2003 - Announcing a photo contest of Navgps in action. Send us your pictures (digital only) of Navgps being used in your airplane. Top three winning entries get an annual database subscription!

The pictures will be judged on their "wackiness", unusualness and coolness factors. You fly the Space Shuttle and use Navgps Pro, send us a picture - you're a shoo-in winner!

Ideal size of the images would be around 800x600. These pictures might eventually be published on the site. Please state whether it's okay to include your name, location with it. Better yet, include any caption you'd like to see next to your picture(s).

03/17/2003 - See Navgps and PC-EFIS modules at Friedrichshafen Air-Fair, Germany (April 24-27). Presented by AAS-International. Hall A4 booth 702.

10/16/2002 - Navgps Pro and Pro/PCFS will now display all text in your native language. Click here for supported languages so far.

Click here on how to add support for your language.

05/21/2002 - Snowlion, LLC (creators of Navgps products) and PCFlightsystems (creators of PCEFIS solid-state AI gyro) have agreed to a cross-development and marketing agreement.

This site will now sell the PCEFIS gyro packaged with Navgps Pro/PCFS software. IMC gyro back-up with the convenience of a moving-map software - all on one pda.

04/22/2002 - Razor's Edge flight planning software, AirPlan version 6.5, now supports Navgps flight-plan file format. Do your flight-planning with AirPlan on the desktop and then download to your pda for direct use by Navgps.

Combo-package available from Razor's Edge.